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 Facial Rejuvenation

Relax the mind, renew the body, revive the soul.

Customized Facial

A relaxing and hydrating facial that will leave your face glowing. Designed to enhance natural happy skin. This facial is adjusted to exactly what you need.

Glycolic Peel

A Glycolic Acid Peel is derived from sugar cane and is a natural fruit acid. It removes the top layer of skin revealing a smoother fresher texture.

Beneficial for overall rejuvenation, promotes cellular turnover for younger skin, improves dry skin,  exfoliation, reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, scars, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.

Salacylic Chemical Peel

A Salicylic Acid Peel is from (Latin salix, willow tree) a lipophilic and beta hydroxy acid. It removes sebum filled pores exfoliating the pore lining. It loosens clogs and allows oil to flow more freely. Salicylic Acid's winning combination of antiseptic and exfoliating properties promotes a clear, healthy complexion! As an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory acid, this treatment not only clears up the complexion, but also prevents future break outs. 


Beneficial for eczema, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, scars, improves oily skin, pore size, fine lines, promotes collagen growth and is a pigmentation fighter. 

Vitamin C Face Lift 

Vitamin C is the main nutrient involved in collagen synthesis and the main anti-oxidant in your skin. You cannot produce collagen without it. (collagen is what keeps the skin firm.) Vitamin C levels in your skin start dropping in your late 20's and continue to decline as you continue to age. This results in sagging and sun damaged skin.

This potent Vitamin C Face Lift Facial has two forms of vitamin c containing a custom blend of alpha hydroxy acids that boost the cells and balance and protect the skin from future damage. It immediately tightens the skin, smooths lines and wrinkles and sun damage spots become less visible with each treatment. 

The Amethyst Healing Facial

The new revolution in skin care! 

Amethyst is a rare violet variety of quartz. This crystal brings calming, tranquilizing energy that can be used for insomnia, anxiety, and stress.


Amethyst crystal powder has been used in skincare for centuries and dates back to ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations.


The Amethyst Facial has many benefits:

1. Amethyst emits infrared rays which slightly raise skin temperature to increase circulation. This calms inflammation and redness. It nourishes skin cells with oxygen and nutrients to keep them healthy and encourages regeneration. 

2. Due to its negative-charge, amethyst draws out positively charged toxins and free radicals to cleanse and detoxify skin. These powers mean brighter skin, tightens pores, reduces breakouts, smooths fine lines and leaves the skin feeling supple and radiant. 




Short Exfoliated & Sweet

The perfect treat for your skin on the go! Limited time but want the fresh glow of a spa treatment? This facial is great prior to a makeup application, or to add on to your waxing service. The combination of papaya enzymes and glycolic exfoliation buff away dull cells leaving your skin glowing and ready for the day ahead. 







A little extra pampering

Add your favorite add-ons to any facial treatment!

Add Reiki to your facial              35.00
Scalp Massage                              15.00
Arm and hand hot towel            15.00
exfoliation with massage
Add Amethyst Mask treatment  10.00

Polishing Hand Treatment         10.00
with gloves

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